We would like to start commemorating the New Year by highlighting some of FWT Consulting Inc. accomplishments and extend our appreciation to our successful placements with Greenwin Inc – their relentless determination to release quality results.

Here are our successful candidates and we are very proud to have as part of our team:


  • Farah Shahid (Leasing Agent) – Greenwin, August 2016
  • Suhema Farooq (Leasing Agent) – Redwood Properties, August 2016
  • Velario (Superintendent) – Ucci & Associates, September 2016
  • Ijlal Khan (Leasing Agent) –  Preston homes (Indo Bay), August 2016
  • Sarah Cartier (Building Administrator) – 65/75 Haley Inc., – September 2016
  • Jun Zhao (Leasing Agent) – Greenwin, October 2016
  • Deanne Blackwell (Superintendent Couple) – Greenwin, January 2017

Temporary Leasing Agents

  • 2 Placements in London Ontario for Greenwin- successful lease up.
  • 1 Agent in Guelph for successful lease up with Greenwin. This agent was hired on full time.
  • 2 Agents in Toronto for lease up , 1 was hired on by Greenwin full time and the other is still working.
  • 2 Agents in Waterloo for successfull Lease up near university (agent still working part time).

Special Thanks

Special Thanks to Sheryl Erenberg & Associates for their continued support and contribution. Sheryl has guided me personally along the my path in Property Management. In addition, Sheryl nominated me for the FRPO “Leasing professional of the year.” After only one year in the Business which I did win. She is a very intelligent and motivated person and an expert in her field. I have learned a lot from her and will continue to follow her advisement.

Also a huge thank you to all the Property management companies who used our services and supported us in our second year in business.

Especially Greenwin Inc! Besides giving me the chance to work with them again, which I give many thanks for, Greenwin is a leader in Property Management. From their community involvement and keeping in touch with the public and tenants through social media, they have set the standard in this business. Congratulations on your 2016 FRPO award for Advertising Excellence- Social Media.

FWT Consulting Inc will continue to grow and provide the best service we can for many years to come.