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Our goal here is to provide a steady stream of interesting and hopefully helpful posts. We will be focused in the areas of marketing, leasing and property management. If you like the content we post in the FWT Consulting Blog, please subscribe on the sidebar. We would also welcome any comments and suggestions. Thank you for stopping by.

7 Tips for Renters

The number of renters has swelled nationwide following the collapse of the housing bubble. Some renters face stiffer competition for vacancies and higher rents. All renters who take the time to study the quirks of their particular market will fare better. Here's what you need to know if you're a

  • FWT Consulting’s 2016 Year Highlight

FWT Consulting’s 2016 Year Highlight

We would like to start commemorating the New Year by highlighting some of FWT Consulting Inc. accomplishments and extend our appreciation to our successful placements with Greenwin Inc – their relentless determination to release quality results. Here are our successful candidates and we are very proud to have as part of

  • Thinking of Renting that Basement Suite? Tips for First Time Landlords

Thinking of Renting that Basement Suite? Tips for First Time Landlords

1. Consider your privacy. Can you live with seeing a stranger around your house or using your property outside? Is the extra money worth it? 2. Try to avoid renting to family. It is best not to rent to family, as it completely changes the relationship and is difficult to

Leasing Tips by Paul Taylor

Did you know that contrary to popular belief you actually get quite a few opportunities to make a good first impression on your customers? It’s true if you think about all the firsts that must come before you actually rent an apartment. Consider all the interactions you have with your

Floyd Taylor Wins Leasing Professional of the Year at FRPO MAC Awards

FWT Consulting is proud to say that we strive, we excel and we also win at what we do!  We want to congratulate our very own team member Floyd Taylor for winning Leasing Professionals of the Year at the FRPO Mac Awards. See the article below - post, comment or share!   2013 FRPO